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Evan Gattis is my spirit animal; stumbles over bullpen mound, plays it off

Evan Gattis, man of the people.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Astros traded for Evan Gattis this offseason. Gattis moved from his natural position at catcher to the designated hitter and sometimes outfield. Gattis never looks natural in the outfield. He looks so unnatural, he should just carry his bat to the outfield to hammer the point home on why he is in the field.

But, Gattis owns it. He goes 100 perfect when he's chasing down balls in the outfield. So when he had to play in the outfield because he couldn't be the designated hitter in San Francisco, he completely played off stumbling over a bullpen mound in foul territory.

Gattis took a 'nap' after the stumble. I could only hope to be that quick witted if I was in that situation. Keep doing you, El Oso Blanco. My spirit animal. Now everyone follow Gattis' lead and take a nap on the job.