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TCB Blue Stars of the Week: July 1-7

The defense deserves recognition, so here it is...

Blue Stars of the Week is going to be a weekly feature where we gather together the best defensive plays of the week in one place for those who may have missed them, and those (like me) who can't get enough of watching them.  If any are missed feel free to link to them in the comments so we can all bask in the awesomeness.  There were quite a few this week so let's get started.

1.  Marisnick vs The Green Monster - 7/5/2015

Jake Marisnick in his first game back saves two possible runs with a great 2-out grab while running into the metal scoreboard.  The sound alone is worth taking a look (and listen).

2.  Rasmus robs Bourn - 7/7/2015

Vincent Velasquez seemed very thankful.  Former Astros OF Michael Bourn was headed for extra bases before Colby Rasmus took this one away.

3.  Preston Tucker leaps to snag a line drive - 7/7/2015

Another great play in the same game.  I think that sometimes they play Tucker a little shallow (just from what I have seen in the latest games), but that gave us a chance to see this.  Plays like this one helped keep the Indians from scoring more runs, and allowed VV to pitch deeper into the game.

4.  Castro throws strike to cut down possible tying run - 7/3/2015

Let's move behind the plate, where Jason Castro made a quick throw to third to nail the possible tying run in the bottom of the 8th in a one-run game.  With a righty in the box Castro showed some nice footwork and a strong arm to protect the slim lead.

5.  Marisnick really liked being back in action - 7/5/2015

Jake is a great in center (or anywhere in the outfield I'm sure) but his arm, while strong, has been erratic at times.  Not this day.  He nailed Hanley Ramirez trying to go 1st-to-3rd on a single early in the game.

6.  Carter shows his cat-like reflexes - 7/6/2015

This is my personal favorite.  Chris Carter has been more than I expected at first this season, and his reaction to this ball that kicks off the top corner of the base couldn't have been better.