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Astros Crawfish Boil: July 7, 2015

Astros and MLB news and views for Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Happy Earth landing anniversary to Oribit!

Houston Astros News

Dallas Keuchel joins Jose Altuve as only Astros to make All-Star cut - Ultimate Astros
For this pitcher, a great honor boiled down to a formality. Everyone knew Astros ace Dallas Keuchel would be named to the American League All-Star team on Monday night, when the reserves and pitchers for both leagues were announced, and he’ll be joining Jose Altuve in Cincinnati on July 14.

Awards Watch: Keuchel, Scherzer are best bets to start All-Star Game |
Keuchel is the only qualified American Leaguer to complete at least six innings in every one of his starts this season, and he leads the majors in innings pitched by 13 2/3 frames over Cleveland’s Corey Kluber. He also tops the AL in ERA and ERA+. It’s tough to beat that combination, given that the first job for any pitcher is to eat innings and prevent runs.

Astros County: Bullpen struggling, visions of night sweats return
Shades of the demonic, walk-happy Goatpen of 2014 make a reappearance in Boston

KHOU11 - One-on-One with Astros SS Carlos Correa
KHOU 11 Sports reporter Daniel Gotera sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with Astros rookie shortstop Carlos Correa.

From Corpus Christi to Canada -
Roberto Pena and Josh Hader will represent their respective homelands of Puerto Rico and the United States at the Pan-Am games in Toronto

Around the League

2015 MLB All-Star Game rosters: Reserves, pitchers and Final Vote -
Clayton Kershaw, Troy Tulowitzki and Yoenis Cespedes were among those not selected to the Midsummer Classic and will need to be voted in by fans

Which league's starting All-Star lineup would you rather have? -
The GM of your favorite team is given a Game Genie for the entire universe. Put in a code, change the world. Except, the GM has just two codes: One code will replace his starting lineup with the American League's starting lineup. The other one will replace it with the National League's lineup. Pick one.

The Tigers Are Trapped | FanGraphs Baseball
Many have been predicting the Tigers’ coming demise for a while, and though that might be overstated, it’s not an organization on the upswing. It’s more of a win-now ballclub, but it’s a win-now ballclub with about as many losses as wins, and a few days ago Miguel Cabrera went and hurt himself.

GIFs, Twitter suspensions, and social media: an open letter to MLB Advanced Media - Lookout Landing
While Major League Baseball is absolutely within their right to police digital content on social media, it exacerbates the core problem the league faces as its primary audience ages into an undesirable demographic: that is, an utter and complete failure to market their product to a youthful audience seemingly more interested in the NBA and the NFL.

The relief ace in practice - Beyond the Box Score
Born out of necessity, a team is using the much-lobbied-for relief ace bullpen strategy. Spoiler alert: it's working.

For your listening pleasure

All Star by Smash Mouth would've been too obvious. Instead I'm going with one of the most underrated CCR songs in honor of the the 68th anniversary of the Roswell Incident <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>