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Introducing myself: Zane Ellis

Me telling you guys a little bit about me from the past and getting acquainted with the site and the fans for a very good next few months.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

At the age of 9, I was already a highly scouted little league athlete. A couple inside the park home runs, a no hitter, 2-time all star, 2-time defensive player of the year and starting pitcher for my little league team - who was no one else, but the Hooks, had me on the map. At that time, I was pretty set on becoming an American League pitcher - because of my tremendously low batting average and my tremendously lower ERA. Things sadly didn't work out that way. As I grew up, I grew into basketball in basketball season, football in football season, and all sports in between. In fact, up until 4th grade, I only wore uniforms to school. Now, we aren't talking a Craig Biggio jersey and black shorts. No no, we're talking the Biggio jersey, coinciding pants - that we're always worn with the socks high - black socks, and last but certainly not least, cleats. Basketball season was the no different: Tracy McGrady, Yao or Steve Francis jersey with red or white shorts, high socks and tennis shoes. I soon realized I was the definition of a sports fanatic.

Moving onto high school was easy for me. My mom had taught at Clear Lake high school since 2004 and I had been around the high school since then. I even went to cheer camp the next 2 summers, I mean I was the only boy in a group of around 100 girls... am I a genius or what? But when I entered Clear Lake in 2012 I was pretty set on becoming a varsity basketball player getting scholarships and living a lavish life. Instead I went from "probably" being on junior varsity, to "definitely" being on Freshman A to getting stuck on Freshman B team. I was a 5'9 chubby kid who's keen talent was shooting FT's. After not playing sophomore year, I quickly realized I should have. To my disfavor, I shot up like a kid out of bed on christmas morning. From the end of my freshman year to Christmas of sophomore year I had grown 8 inches to 6-foot, 5-inches. My last 2 years of high school, I just focused on sports. I wrote about sports, I watched sports, I wore sports, I was sports and quickly realized that becoming an FBI agent, a dream job of mine, might not have been too realistic or, for another matter, safe. This is when I realized sports and me had a calling. No matter if it was to be a coach, umpire, referee, writer, anything, I realized I needed to be in sports.

Now and on will be a totally new part of my life. After graduating high school in 3 years I will go off to college to major in Journalism and live in the best city in the world - Austin, Texas. I am possibly the biggest Texas Longhorn fan there is and can answer most any question about the University of Texas sports teams. I love any sport with a ball; and I watch them all. You can find me on twitter at @ZaneMoneyEllis cheering for the Texans, Rockets, Astros, Pirates and Longhorns. Give me a follow and I'll give you a follow back. Last but not least i'm looking forward to this internship and can't wait to experience the Astros' winning summer with you guys, right? Right!