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East Coast Bias

A damn yankee joins The Crawfish Boxes.

Dual Loyalties
Dual Loyalties
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I want to start my introductory post off with a confession: I didn’t grow up an Astros fan. I grew up in New England, a Red Sox fan as far back as I can remember. The highlight of each summer was the family trip to Fenway Park. I once asked my younger brother why he chose to be a Red Sox fan. He said if he didn't, he wouldn't have had anything to talk to me about.

We bonded over sports in general and the Red Sox in particular. Rooting for the Red Sox, a team that always fell short, formed my sports DNA. I always rooted for the underdog, hoping for that moment when they finally broke through. I really connected with the Red Sox in 1986, and that painful loss in the World Series remains my lowest moment as a sports fan.

As I grew older I still kept my love for baseball. I moved to Houston in 2006, missing the Astros World Series season by one year and also missing the prime years of the Killer B’s. Instead, as I got more interested in the team, I witnessed three straight 100 loss seasons.

Instead of pushing me away, the losing piqued my interest. It certainly fit my underdog fan DNA. I was fascinated by the process the team was starting. What happens when a team tears everything down and starts from scratch? How long does it take to build a contender? Will the fans come back when the team starts to improve?

For the first time I actually chose a team to follow rather than inheriting one. To my family’s dismay (I’m married with a teenage daughter), I added a new love in my baseball life. The fan experience is all about your history with a team, and I’m building that history day by day and game by game. I’m excited every time I learn about a new player or a new (to me) piece of Astros history. This year’s young, exciting team has me more engaged than ever before.

Now I’ll be writing for The Crawfish Boxes and sharing my thoughts on the Astros with all of you. I’m excited for this opportunity and experience. I’ll try not to let my East Coast bias show too much, and I’ll take good natured abuse for my Twitter handle or during the annual Astros-Red Sox series. Most importantly, I’ll be rooting for the Astros as they fight for the A.L. West title this year and hopefully for many more to come.

Dual loyalties

Dual loyalties on display at Minute Maid