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Weekly MiLB Discussion: Call Him Up!

Now that All-Star games are complete, were all the deserving prospects given their promotions?

Brett Phillips
Brett Phillips
Tim Deblock

Weekly can sometimes be loosely interpreted. Due to a lightning strike at my neighbors house, I didn't have any internet outside of my phone for five days, so this is a week late.

The importance of me explaining that it's a week late, is that this is a dated discussion for some aspects. The subject is about promotions following All-Star games. As this has already come and gone, some came to fruition and others did not. It's still relevant to discuss for that very reason, should the others have been promoted.


Mid-season is pretty much here and all-star games are getting close. We usually see a few promotions after the all-star games so that the players to be promoted can participate in the all-star games. So, with that time coming, who do you expect to be promoted?


This'll definitely be a recurring theme, but book Reed and Phillips for promotions right after the break. They've dominated their levels and need some more competition... Appel should also get moved to AAA sooner rather than later... Another candidate: Chris Devenski has been crazy good in CC and is 24. He'll probably get called up within the next week or two... I can see at least one of (not both) Ritchie and Nottingham going to Lancaster. Whoever it is should probably split time with Ruben Castro if the 18-year-old Castro actually stays put. If not, I could see both of them being promoted... I don't see any major-league call-ups in absence of a trade. If one does happen, look for a Singleton promotion... If a minor-league reliever gets promoted, look for it to be Keegan Yuhl from Lancaster to Corpus. He's already gone up one level this year, and as he continues to dominate, he could be promoted along with Reymin Guduan to a team which has lost four of its best pitchers... Nick Tanielu seems to be a guy who could do very well in a Lancaster environment, and he doesn't really seem to be blocked (depending on what happens with J.D. Davis), so he could get a promotion.


Nottingham is the one that goes up, in my eyes. He's been even better than Phillips was. I mean, maybe they keep him down so he can work on his catching more, I don't know. But he's pretty clearly ready for a little more of a challenge in terms of the pitching he's facing.

One guy that I'd like to see promoted; Aaron West. For a guy we all really like and have been bullish on, he hasn't been getting a lot of spotlight recently, but he's quietly having a very strong rebound in AA. 2.70 ERA so far, just six walks in 46.2 innings this season (1.16 BB/9). He hasn't allowed more than one earned run since May 8th, for goodness sake. That's four earnies over his last eight games.