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Friday's Three Astros Things

Talkings about jerseys, betting odds, and Ryan Vogelsong.

The podcast is back.

1. Tequila Sunrise for everyone!

The Astros and their triple-a affiliate Fresno Grizzlies will be rocking the tequila sunrise uniforms this weekend:

I admit I'm a bit surprised the Astros haven't found a replacement for the batting practice jersey to wear on a regular basis. From what I've heard, the players are not fond of the material in BP jersey, that's why they stop using it on Sundays.

2. So, you're saying there is a chance

Bovada has updated their playoff and World Series odds. The Astros are currently 16/1 odds to win the world series, sitting behind the Royals (6/1), Cardinals (8/1), Dodgers (17/2), Pirates (10/1), Cubs (14/1), Angels (14/1), and Giants (14/1). The Astros' AL West division rival, Angels jumped from 25/1 to 14/1 since July 1 -- as they have taken over the lead in the American League West.

3. Vogelsong to the pen

Ryan Vogelsong made waves this offseason after noting signing with the Astros. He had flown to Houston to go through a phyiscal before signing a contract with Houston. But said he "really wasn't comfortable with what was going on" with Astros before returning to Giants.

The Giants announced following the All-Star break, they will be moving Vogelsong to the bullpen. It's been an interesting season for Vogelsong to say the least.