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Astros Podcast: The Ground Control Podcast, Ep. 1 -- 2015 Draft, Cardinals hack, 2015 All-Star Game

We're back!

The Ground Control Podcast: Episode No. 1 -- July 12, 2015

We're back! This is the first run on the new podcast. David was unable to join us this round, but he plans to be our third member of the pod. The hosting duties may rotate depending on the topic but we hope to have a weekly podcast going forward. Thank you for your patience.

In this episode Ryan Dunsmore and Subber10 discuss:

  • We play catch up on the 2015 Draft and the Ground Control Hack
  • The Astros' six-game slide into the All-Star break
  • 2015 All-Star Game featuring A.J. Hinch, Jose Altuve, and Dallas Keuchel
The podcast is in the process of being added to iTunes, we will update the post with a link when it's active.

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