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TCB Blue Stars of the Week: July 8-14

Let's watch some awesome defense to help us pass the time since the Astros still don't play until tomorrow...

It is once again time to hand out the weekly attaboys for our defense.  It doesn't seem that long ago when this team might have had one or two great plays in a week, and now it is expected almost every game.  It makes the game so much more fun to watch.

There were fewer games this time around headed into the All-Star break, but there were still plenty of great plays to take another look at.

1.  Jose Altuve dives to get the speedy Lindor - 7/7/2015

Ok, I'm cheating.  This one was not available for embedding last week, but I couldn't let it go unacknowledged.  Altuve makes a perfect slide and spin to get Francisco Lindor by half a step.

2.  Chris Carter dives to save a run - 7/10/2015

Yes, one run scored on this play, but if it gets by him the guy on second probably scores also.  Carter has been impressive with the glove this season.  Not impressive as in "Gold Glove", but as in "wow this is much better that I thought it was gonna be".

3.  Carlos Correa two-fer - 7/11/2015

I still get giddy when I see him make a great play.  Double-giddy when I get to watch them back-to-back like I can here.  First Correa goes to into the hole on his right and makes a strong throw (while moving away from first) to get the runner.  Then with the shift on he goes to his right just behind second base to make a diving catch.

4.  Colby Rasmus turns two - 7/12/2015

The good thing about starting the season with three center fielders in the outfield is when one stops hitting, and the other gets taken out by "wild" KC pitchers, you still have another one to man the position.  Rasmus makes a great grab and alertly gets rid of the ball and doubles off the runner from first base. terrible is that turf?


Here is a look back at some of the top plays of the first half...just in case you forgot.  It's not just defense, but like I needed an excuse to see some McCullers and Keuchel pitching highlights and Correa's first MMP home run again.