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Carlos Correa collects hit, RBI, and web gem in first major league game

Correa shows range of skills in first major league game.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The wait was finally over for Carlos Correa. He didn't wait long to start making moves, showing up to the ballpark in his best Club Astros attire. He started up a twitter and quickly showed his bond with Jose Altuve and George Springer in the dugout.

Correa was in Astros uniform on Monday night and it didn't take long for the top prospect in baseball to leave his mark on the game. Correa drove in the Astros' only run off Chris Sale. The Astros shortstop came to the plate with two outs and two on in scoring position. Correa beat out a grounder to the hole by a half step. The call was orginally called an out, but reversed after a review.

Correa also collected his first web gem of his career. White Sox leadoff man, Adam Eaton, grounded a ball past second base. Correa collected the ball, spun and fired the ball to first to get Eaton.

After just one game, Correa showed he is a special player. But most Astros fans already knew that.