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2015 MLB Draft: Day One Wrap-Up

The first day of the MLB draft is in the books and there's a lot to be excited about.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Luhnow, you sir, have a sense of humor.

On the three year anniversary of the first draft under the new CBA in which you completely worked the system, you debuted Carlos Correa. The Correa who was the first overall pick in that 2012 draft that you so brilliantly worked to your advantage.

On that same day, you again worked the draft to perfection on day one.

Here are the Astros selections:

1.2: Alex Bregman, SS, LSU

1.5: Kyle Tucker, OF, Plant HS (FL)

1.37: Daz Cameron, OF, Eagle's Landing Christian Academy (GA)

2.4: Thomas Eshelman, RHP, Cal State-Fullerton

Now, let's look at Baseball America's rankings of said players.

4. Bregman

5. Cameron

8. Tucker

126. Eshelman

Count 'em. One. Two. Three. Three top eight players. That's one incredible haul. It's similar to 2012 in that there are three high end first round talents in this group. And, there's a skills heavy and non-flashy college player with the second round pick.

The question is how to sign them.

There's not much out there about what Bregman wants financially but he had a floor when he was drafted out of HS and it couldn't be met. The slot for this pick is well over that amount so he may be happy with anything over what his floor was three years ago. Tucker is committed to Florida but reports are that he'll sign, the expectation is that he'll likely take something near slot.

Cameron is the issue. He dropped because of signability concerns. However, rumors have been out there since the fall that there were more potential pre-draft deals in the works than previous years. It's possible that there is already an agreed upon amounts for over slot and he just priced himself out of everyone else's budget to block them drafting him. Either way, the savings that may be possible from Bregman will help sign him. The Astros are not the type of organization that would risk drafting him without having plenty of confidence in being able to sign him.

They'll also likely save money with future picks that will likely consist of one or two seniors. And, there's a chance that Eshelman signs below slot as he is was rated much lower by BA but has nothing to gain by returning for his senior season.

Day one is in the books and Astros fans have to love the results.