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2015 MLB Draft: Houston Astros Select Daz Cameron 37th Overall

The Astros dipped into Major League bloodlines to draft their third player from Baseball America's Top 500.

It happened! Rumors began swirling several days leading up to the draft that the son of former major league centerfield Mike Cameron's son, Daz, was dropping due to bonus demands. On draft day, it began circling that he could drop all the way to the Astros' 37th pick.

Well it did happen.

In a move that compares extremely well to the Astros' 2012 draft, the Astros added three of Baseball America's top 500draft prospects. Daz Cameron will join Alex Bregman (#2 overall) and Kyle Tucker (#5 overall) to make this a very impressive haul so far.

The outfield prospect depth grows even deeper.

Here is an excerpt from our own draft profile.

Cameron may not have one tool that really separates him from the pack, but he is a ballplayer and is the kind of guy who will make positive plays every time he steps on the field, even if he has a rough day at the plate. -Spenser