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2015 MLB Draft: Astros select shortstop Alex Bregman second overall

Once again going right down to the wire and playing it close to the vest, the Astros' first pick in 2015 was a mystery right up until the announcement.

But the pre-pick buzz proved accurate, with the Astros electing to add a polished hitter in Alex Bregman to the mix. The LSU Tiger batted .334/.407/.534 with 21 homers and 65 stolen bases in a standout collegiate career that spanned 193 games.

Bregman brings contact skills to the mix, as well as a reportedly-plus make-up. While he lacks the upside of a Carlos Correa, but his tools play up across the board thanks to his fire, dedication and confidence. He's drawn unsurprising comparisons to Boston's former-MVP second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

With Bregman, the Astros are buying the hit tool and hoping the others play well enough to make him an impact player. Said Curtis Leister in his profile of Bregman:

At the plate, Bregman has a short, compact swing from the right-side and very good bat speed. He can generate some pull power as well, and could be a 12-15 homer guy at best. Bregman's swing is quiet without a lot of moving parts, which keeps things simple. I wouldn't envision a hitting coach having many issues or tinkering with Bregman's approach, making him is a popular candidate to move through a pro farm system quickly.

Questions about his future position are the main knock against him, with most evaluators believing an eventual move from short to second base is in the cards. Notably similar concerns with Carlos Correa have indicated that the Astros may not mind such concerns. Some who look beneath the surface believe Bregman may ultimately have the best MLB career of any hitter in this class. This certainly feels like an Astros-esque pick.