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Pounding the table for Kyle Tucker

Perhaps the best prep bat in the 2015 draft class? Brother to Astro Preston? Slots in nicely at the 5th pick? Seems like a good match.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Who else, really, could write an article titled, "Pounding the table for Kyle Tucker" than the man who wrote a similar article for big brother Preston back before the 2012 draft?  Full disclosure, I am an LSU grad and have a hefty distaste for anything Gator, but for some reason or other, I lead a charmed life when it comes to prognosticating Tuckers.  After this one though, I'll be all Tuckered out.  You'll have to ask somebody else.

Let's cut to the heart of it:  How cool would it be if the Astros drafted K. Tucker with the fifth pick of the 2015 draft tonight?  Brother Preston was drafted after falling several rounds further than scouts predicted, was never heralded as a real prospect outside of Minute Maid and TCB (though I firmly believe that insiders in the front office snickered over the public doubts about Preston's ability to play at the highest level), and is now the first prospect in GM Jeff Luhnow's tenure to reach the major leagues.  Preston is totally relevant to the Kyle Tucker Story (tm), at least, if the Astros pick K.T.  And they should.  For more reasons than, "it would make a great story."

See, Kyle Tucker may have the best bat in this draft class.  Fellow Floridian Brendan Rodgers has a solid argument, and Georgia prep outfielder Daz Cameron may have flashier tools.  But Tucker has a sweet swing that will translate pretty easily to professional ball.

In his 2015 Draft Profile of K. Tucker, kyuss94 submits that the younger Tucker profiles as a 3-hole hitter in the major leagues:

As a hitter, Tucker is unbelievably impressive. There are few prospects I can think of with swings as smooth and controlled as Tucker's is at his age. He uses all of his broad frame to his advantage, and keeps his lower half in tune with his upper body with each repetition. His swing path doesn't get too long, and his balance at the plate is immaculate. He has a powerful line drive stroke and gets good loft while generating lots of leverage. Tucker's hit and power tools both project as plus, and in the eyes of many (including me), he has the best swing in this year's class.

A little behind-the-scenes info here, but kyuss and I regularly disagree about prospects.  He's usually right.  However, I agree with him on Tucker, based on what I see, have read myself, and on the obvious family pedigree.  If Preston was bred with the work ethic to maximize his ability despite below-average (according to scouts) tools, well then how much better will Kyle be with the same work ethic (assuming Mom and Dad were consistent with their child-rearing) but above-average tools?  One salivates.

Astros: draft Kyle Tucker.  He's got the goods to become an All-Star caliber player, and the move would have the bonus of generating instant goodwill with the Astros fan base that love stories like this.  They can dream of a fun day when Preston's in Left and Kyle's in Right.  It's a no-brainer!