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2015 MLB Draft Profile: Scott Kingery, 2B, Arizona

While Kevin Newman has drawn the bulk of the attention for the Wildcats this year, it wouldn't be crazy to suggest that Kingery is the best prospect in their infield.


A 5'11", 175 lb. second baseman in his junior year, Kingery has burst onto this season with his fantastic play. An instinctive defender, he has helped form an outstanding duo up the middle alongside Kevin Newman. A polished, well-rounded player, he's likely to be brought along quickly thanks to his advanced skills on both sides of the ball.

Kingery's strength lies in his bat. He has a short, line drive stroke with solid bat speed and he hits everything in sight. His power is below average but not non-existant- he has the ability to get balls to the gaps and has the above average speed to convert doubles and triples. He has five home runs to his name this year, but over-the-fence power isn't likely to be a part of his game down the line. His future role will likely be near the bottom of the order as a player who can get on base and bring in runners in scoring position with his reliable contact skills and situational hitting ability.

With a combination of solid defense at a premium position and an advanced hit tool, Kingery is a rare breed even if he lacks upside. He's further along in his development than most players in this class and should rise quickly. Teams looking to save a bit of money while getting a safe prospect in the early portion of the draft will be sure to give Kingery a long look.

MLB Projection

Kingery might be a stretch as a regular but can provide value as a utility player or part-time bat.

Projected Draft Round

Top 3 rounds


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