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Pounding the Table: Brendan Rodgers

Don't fall for the shiny new toys. Brendan Rodgers is the best player in this class.

Back when I first started research for the 2015 class in mid-July, the consensus was that Daz Cameron and Brendan Rodgers were the top two talents in this year's crop. They were the first two players that I studied, and Rodgers instantly stood out to me as a special player. Though many great prospects have done things this year to push themselves up boards, none possess the sheer potential that Rodgers does- and it's not as if he's a raw player.

There are several parts of Rodgers' game that make him a top-of-the-draft type. His combination of size and movement ability is rare- he's a solid average to above average runner, and on top of that he shows natural footwork and smooth actions on the infield dirt. If he grows into his frame more, third base could be his future home, but he I don't think that will be necessary. Rodgers is a smooth defender with soft hands and a very quick throwing release that should play just fine up the middle.

As much as I am a fan of Rodgers' defense, the beauty of his profile is that his bat could likely play at first base or DH. With prodigious bat speed and a tight, coordinated swing, Rodgers can hit the ball with authority to all fields. He has natural raw power in his frame with broad hips and shoulders, and he has a full-body swing with great extension. Just like in the field, Rodgers looks absolutely effortless a the plate.

Though he is a prep prospect, Rodgers shows outstanding feel for the game and shouldn't be seen as a risky pick in my opinion. He's the best all-around prep infielder that I have studied since Carlos Correa, and he brings a lot of the same strengths to the table that Correa did in his draft year. He's not quite on the same level, but in a weaker draft class I think it would be foolish for the Astros- or Diamondbacks, for that matter- to pass on a player like him at the top of the draft. It's very difficult to find a significant flaw in his profile.