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Poll: 2015 TCB Readers' Mock Draft

Who do you the readers want?

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

It's 2015 MLB Draft season for the Astros. Every major outlet has given their own mock draft. TCB has their mock draft ready to go. Now, we want to hear from you the reader. Who do you want the Astros to select with the second and fifth pick of the 2015 draft?

Houston can't select Brady Aiken or Jacob Nix as both players chose not to sign a waiver allowing the Astros to redraft them. Outside of them, pick any draft-eligible players to heart's content. Let your inner-Luhnow out.

One last question, do you want use to continue this with the rest of the picks? I don't think it was worth while to put the 37th pick on this form because projecting all 36 draft picks at once seems like a fool's errand. I don't think anyone would have projected Lance McCullers to the Astros in 2012. Thanks it happened though.