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2015 MLB Draft order: Astros pick 2nd and 5th overall

What picks do the Astros have this season?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time again boys and girls, the Astros have some more drafting to do. This time around they don't have the first overall pick for the first time in three seasons. But they do have the second overall pick for not reaching an agreement with Brady Aiken after offering the minimum compensation amount. The Astros first non-compensation pick is the fifth pick in the draft. Houston also has the 37th overall pick of the draft, the Astros received the pick as part of the Jarred Cosart trade with the Marlins. As a result of all these high picks, the Astros have the largest draft pool this season at $17,289,200. Let's run down the list of the Astros picks in 2015.

Round 1

Pick No. 2 - Astros - (Compensation for not signing 2014 No. 1 overall pick Brady Aiken)

Pick No. 5 - Astros

Compensation Picks

Pick No. 37 - Astros - Competitive Balance A - (trade w/ Marlins)

Round 2

Pick No. 46 - Astros

Round 3

Pick No. 79 - Astros

Round 4-40

Astros will have the fourth pick in each round.