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Starting Nine: Astros call up Carlos Correa

The TCB writers react to the news that the Astros have called up top prospect Carlos Correa.

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Happy Correa Day to you and yours. The day has finally come. Soon is now. The top pick in the 2012 draft will now wear an Astros uniform. Of course, we had to hear from our talented writers at TCB.

What is your reaction to the Astros calling up Carlos Correa?

Brian Stevenson

Irish Pete

I was there three years ago. It's finally here.

David Coleman

Called it!

Astros Podcast: 2015 season preview

This is pretty freaking great! Let the next era of Astros baseball begin.


I honestly didn't expect it this soon. I still remember writing his draft profile! Captain Correa to the RESCUE!


I'm not too surprised but absolutely ecstatic.

It bears reminding readers how skeptical many analysts and fans were of this choice for so long. A lot of folks were never willing to concede that Correa was a legit 1-1, instead arguing that the choice was only about the financial leverage his relatively cheap signing bonus provided.

David Coleman

Two more things.

I really think he'd have been up at the start of the season if he hadn't broken his leg. Richard Justice seems to be one of the only journalists with a good read on this front office. He was saying Correa would be up very soon last summer. The time he was down now is about what he'd have had in the rest of 2014.

His leadership could also be where he makes his biggest impact on this team. You get the sense that Castro and Altuve are the leaders now, but everyone loves playing with Correa. I could see him taking over real quick. Add in him learning how to lead a team in a pennant race and I could see big things for his intangibles this year.


I'm a little bit surprised that they called him up, but also a little bit not. Correa wasn't exactly playing well at AAA, though his stats may be mere statistical noise camouflaging a solid approach. But with the Astros in a rapidly-dwindling first place, currently on a losing skid in large part due to offensive shortstop play (that's offensive the way a fart in an elevator is offensive, not offensive in the Mike Trout sort of way), it makes sense to call him up now. Reportedly, he's popular in the clubhouse, and was described as "the best player on the field"...during Spring Training, with major leaguers including Jose Altuve on the field with him at the time. This is just the sort of kick-in-the-butt a struggling roster needs (replacement of a position player) while also renewing a bit of hope/enthusiasm and providing a spark among the team. I have no idea if "now is the time" for Carlos Correa. But I have little doubt that "now is the time" for the Houston Astros.

P.S. I peed a little when I read the news.


I am excited since this is obviously the moment we have been pointing to since the first 100 loss season. I honestly didn't think it would happen until the next homestand, but what is a few days? I think this will be a spark the team needs. The only thing I am worried about (because I worry about everything) is that there is going to be a big adjustment time. And the only reason I am worried about that is I will have to monitor my blood pressure if the "Correa is terrible" tweets/posts start showing up. I don't think that will be an issue though, because if any sports figure in Houston will have a long honeymoon, it's this guy.


Correa's incredible combination of skill and maturity is unparalleled among current prospects. The start of 2015 was definitely a turn of the corner for the Astros as a franchise, but this was a day fans have been waiting for. Houston fans can point to June 8, 2015 as the beginning of an era. Fans of the club haven't had something like that in a long time.


I'm just so excited. I discovered TCB around the 2012 draft and following that draft class and the minor league system has kept me sane the past three seasons. We're seeing the fruits of Luhnow's rebuild and it is just so magical. I think Perry said it best with June 8th, 2015 being the beginning of an era for the Houston Astros. I don't know if I've ever been more excited for a day of sports than I am for today. Between Correa's MLB debut and the beginning of the draft its going to be an awesome day for the Houston Astros!

I'm curious to see how the Astros manage Correa, Valbuena, and Lowrie once Lowrie is able to return from his injury.


What gets lost in all this Correa hype is that I wanted to trade one of my extra Fantasy shortstops to Ernie Breakfast, who's been limping along with an injury prone Jose Iglesias while Jed Lowrie has been on the DL. That's never going to happen now, because Ernie had Captain Correa on his farm team and will undoubtedly plug him in at shortstop for the next decade of TCB Dynasty League play.

Outside of fantasyland, what I really wanted was for Lowrie to not be injured and for Villar to not be a complete goomba, but you can't always get what you want, and the call up of the most exciting Astros prospect since Chris Burke Lance Berkman is not a bad consolation prize.

Brian Stevenson

Valbuena hasn't shown any signs of starting to hit consistently. It's frustrating because he's definitely not as bad as he's been. But Correa will be playing every day, you don't call up a guy like him and then start platooning him or whatever. Lowrie is signed to the big(ish) contract and was great before the injury. Valbuena might be dealt once Lowrie returns.

Terri Schlather

Today came when it was supposed to come. I believe that without an injury in 2014 Correa would have been a part of this team on Opening Day, but it was important for him to play at each level, dominate at each level- not for the front office, but for his own confidence an development.

It's an exciting day in Astros baseball as we watch a number one prospect take the field in Chicago tonight. There are tremendous expectations on this kid, but if anyone can handle it, it's him. I got the chance to meet him 3 years ago when the Astros front office introduced him on field at Minute Maid Park. Even then he was poised, polite, and seemed mature beyond his teen years.

He's a clubhouse leader and all around good guy according to every report I've read and am convinced he is one of 3 missing pieces to the Astros being a true contender this year. Add Correa, and a healthy Jed Lowrie to even out the highs and lows of the offense and add another top of the rotation pitcher to give the starters more depth and there is no one this team can't beat.

Welcome to Houston, Mr. Correa, we've been expecting you!


Astros' fans should be excited. There probably hasn't been a prospect appearance anticipated this much since Hunter Pence was called up in 2007. My recommendation: be excited, but also be patient. It's not fair to Carlos Correa or to the team to expect Correa to be the critical difference in the Astros' win-loss record. Just like any young prospect, there is likely to be an adjustment period. Even the great Willy Mays started off his rookie season with a long hitless string. I'm not saying that will happen to Carlos—just pointing out that the Astros and their fans have to be in this for the long haul. He is expected to be a core player for many years, and we shouldn't put pressure on him if he has his periods of adjustment.

Anthony Boyer

Reaction? You want a reaction?


That's my reaction.

Idress Tily

After yesterday's game, my reaction was a four letter word. But then, after I heard about Correa being called up, it was the same four letter word, but with a "Yea!!!" at the end. It's amazing what 3 little letters can do. It is also amazing what calling up a young, potential stud MLB shortstop can do for a major league baseball team. I have been an Astros fan my entire life, and not once have we had a legit stud SS donning an Astros uniform. Let's hope that we have one on our hands.

But just think about this; even though he hasn't even done anything on the diamond yet, the change in the air for all Astros fans is palpable. Somehow his leadership and maturity is already changing things. I cannot wait to see the positive impact he has in the clubhouse. Correa seems like a guy that doesn't have to say a single word, yet you want to play extra hard for him when you are his teammate (reminds me of Bagwell in that regard). This kid, although has faced tremendous challenges, has succeeded throughout. He was the valedictorian of the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, was selected 1st overall in the 2012 draft, and has won a championship in the minors. This is a flat out winner, and I hope that trend continues. He seems humble, driven, and overall seems like he was born to play baseball at an elite level. I will try my best to temper my expectations for this 20 year old kid, but I hope the kids finds continued success at the big leagues. Not only selfishly as a fan, but because he seems like a legitimately good kid. Things are getting real my fellow Astros' fans, things are getting real.