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2015 TCB Mock Draft

The yearly TCB mock draft is out!

It's become a yearly tradition around here. We do a mock draft for as many picks as we can get up. The intention was originally to go through the Astros second round pick but time constraints and the celebration of Carlos Correa's promotion. But, we made it through the 37th pick.

We were divided into four teams and the picks were divided equally (based on going to 2-4). The teams and their assignments were as follows:

Chris Perry and Blake Mueller:

Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies, Oakland A's, Baltimore Orioles, Los Angel Angels

Anthony Boyer and Ryan Dunsmore:

Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins, Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers, Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays

Brooks Parker and Alex Goodwin:

Colorado Rockies, Chicago White Sox, Florida Marlins, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals

Curtis and Spenser

Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers

So on to the mock draft...

1-1 Arizona Diamondbacks: Dansby Swanson, SS

Chris and I had a debate on how much we would take into consideration what the dbacks front office would do and realized there is no way to decipher bat-crap crazy so we went logical and chose Samsonite, I mean Swanson, I was way off.  Reason versus Rodgers is that Arizona can't wait for a HS prospect to develop at a position they are really devoid of potential talent.  Bregman was also in the discussion, I guess technically so was Jay and any of the top pitchers.-Blake

1-2 Houston Astros: Brendan Rodgers, SS

Curtis and I select Brendan Rodgers, SS from Lake Mary HS in Florida. With potential plus hit and power tools and the defensive chops to play short, Rodgers looks like the best prep infielder since Carlos Correa. Another option here could be Alex Bregman, but Rodgers’ raw ability wins out. -Spenser

1-3 Colorado Rockies: Tyler Jay, LHP

Rockies select Tyler Jay. He's been mocked as high as number 1 overall. In order to take him this high you have to believe that he'll make the transition to starter and maintain his stuff late. He's be a fantastic closer for Illinois and his stuff is at the top of this class. Between stuff and being a lefty, he owns a very high ceiling and is the type the Rockies can't buy on the free agent market. -Brooks

1-4 Texas Rangers: Daz Cameron, OF

The Arlington Rangers select Daz Cameron of Eagle's Landing Christian Academy (GA). Jon Daniels' track record says he's looking for a high school prospect with high upside. Cameron is that guy with a family pedigree for success. It worked with Delino DeShields. Too soon? -Ryan

1-5 Houston Astros: Alex Bregman, SS

Astros select Alex Bregman, SS, LSU

Though Kyle Tucker was a very attractive option at 1.5, we decided to run with Bregman due to his closeness to the majors and belief in his bat. Though the draft shouldn't be about short-term needs, Bregman could be up in Houston help a quickly-competitive team faster than Tucker, and this pick presents less risk than going with two prep bats at #2 and #5. Though Tucker would still make a lot of sense here, Bregman brings plenty to the table with an above-average bat and possible positional flexibility as a complement to the high-ceiling pick of Rodgers at 1.2.

1-6 Minnesota Twins: Kyle Tucker, OF

With the sixth pick, the Twins select Kyle Tucker of Plant High School, Tampa, FL. A corner piece to go along with Buxton in center. He's got legitimate middle-of-the-order potential and can slot in with Sano to make a truly potent offensive team in the future. -Ryan

1-7 Boston Red Sox: Dillon Tate, RHP

For the Red Sox at 1.07, we select Dillon Tate, RHP from UCSB. We also considered Andrew Benintendi and Carson Fulmer, but the Red Sox would be thrilled to have Tate fall into their laps at 7. Though he has fatigued some down the stretch, he shows elite athleticism and potential for three plus pitches. He’s an excellent value for a team that has more hitting talent than pitching in its system. -Spenser

1-8 Chicago White Sox: Carson Fulmer, RHP

White Sox select RHP Carson Fulmer. There's rumors of the White Sox targeting college pitchers with this pick. There's a few guys that they could go with but we feel this is the best pitcher available and fit with the White Sox system. -Brooks

1-9 Chicago Cubs: Kyle Funkhouser, RHP

They have been looking pitching to develop with there wave of positions players.  Kyle brings it and shortens the time frame with a more polished College pitcher.-Blake

1-10 Philadelphia Phillies: Andrew Benintendi, OF

The Phils are looking for power hitters and although not previously known for big power it developed for Andrew this year.  He might also be in he mix for 1-5 along with Tucker.-Blake

1-11 Cincinnati Reds: James Kaprielian, RHP

The Reds love their college guys. It's a run of bad luck to have Benintendi, Fulmer, and Funkhouser all go right before this pick, but they've got to be salivating at the idea of James Kaprielian, RHP, UCLA here.

A high-floor mid-rotation guy, we're banking on the well-rounded secondaries to complement the four seamer which doesn't have a ton of velocity, but it was recently clocked as high as 94. Solid bulldog for our rotation for years to come. -Anthony

1-12 Miami Marlins: Garrett Whitley, OF

The Marlins select Garrett Whitley, High School CF from Niskayuna High School in Albany. The Marlins love athletic OFs and have a chance to get a great one with Whitley. At 6-foot-1 and 195 lbs., Whitley is a premium athlete. His best tool is his speed, making him a weapon both on the bases and in center field, where he also has a strong arm. Whitley is a right-handed hitter with a ton of bat speed, which projects to above-average power down the road. His swing isn't excellent, but its issues look fixable. -Alex

1-13 Tampa Bay Rays: Tyler Stephenson, C

Rays select Tyler Stephenson, C, Kennesaw Mtn. HS (GA)

Tampa Bay breaks the Braves' hearts by taking the top prep talent from Georgia right before them. Stephenson is a super athletic catcher who may not stay behind the plate, but has enough of a bat and power potential to make him valuable anywhere. This is a bit of a switch in gears after the Rays were college-heavy under Andrew Friedman, but the Rays' past few drafts haven't actually been very successful. Stephenson is probably the BPA here in most eyes, and the Rays have certainly seen him a lot this spring based on location. -Curtis

1-14 Atlanta Braves: Nathan Kirby, LHP

Braves system is light on LHP and Kirby fits their MO, Bickford or Allard could be options here as well. -Blake

1-15 Milwaukee Brewers: Kevin Newman, SS

The Brewers select Kevin Newman, SS, University of Arizona.

Milwaukee loves toolsy players, and Newman isn't that. But he's a huge bargain at 15th-overall. The Cape Cod League batting champ for two seasons running, Newman is also a plus runner and has range and arm to spare at the keystone position. He has basically no power, but the rest of his game speaks loudly enough, and the value is so good at 1-15, that we can't pass on him here. -Anthony

1-16 New York Yankees: Phil Bickford, RHP

The right hander has an interesting path with not signing after being a high pick after high school. He was not impressive as a freshman but a strong performance in summer ball convinced him to transfer into a JuCo where he can be draft eligible. He continued to pitch well in JuCo and has brought his value back up into first round consideration with high quality stuff. The Yankees will love to add such a quality arm at this point. -Brooks

1-17 Cleveland Indians: Jon Harris, RHP

A rare projectable college arm, Harris has a sound delivery, plus velocity and two very promising secondary options. Walker Buehler and the injured pitchers (Aiken and Allard) were also in play here, but we considered Harris to be the best combination of safety and upside in comparison- he’s a great value at 17.  -Spenser

1-18 San Francisco Giants:

San Francisco selects Brady Aiken, LHP, IMG Academy

Boom goes the dynamite- with three picks inside the top 61, the Giants have some money to spend (around $5.3 million for those slots combined). They've been rumored to like prep pitchers in this draft, and though Aiken's spot is totally a guesstimate, we're making a bold move and putting him here. It's a weak prep pitching class, with Mike Nikorak (northeast guy) and Kolby Allard (injuries) having some concerns. Yes, Aiken's risk is documented and he can't pitch for at least a year, but we don't think he's significantly more risky than the other prep arms, who have their own present and long-term concerns as well. There's a chance this strategy totally backfires, but if I'm a fan of a team that has won 3 of the last 5 World Series I'm not too concerned about gambling on a risk like this. -Curtis

1-19 Pittsburgh Pirates:

The Pirates select Mike Nikorak, a high school RHP. The Pirates love their power high school arms and Nikorak fits that mold very well. We also discussed Cornelius Randolph but the fact that he's not a sure fire shortstop kept us at bay. -Brooks

1-20 Oakland Athletics: Walker Buehler, RHP

The A's have had success with another Vanderbilt pitcher without ideal size so why not go back? Buehler wasn't quite as good as expected early on but there is a lot of talent there.-Brooks

1-21 Kansas City Royals: Cody Ponce, RHP

KC likes to dip into the college ranks with their first picks, and there's a big one on the board for them. Cody Ponce, RHP, Cal Poly Pomona reminds us of Sean Manaea. Cape Cod League stalwart. 6'5" tall with mid-nineties heat. This guy has GMDM written all over him. -Anthony

1-22 Detroit Tigers: Tristan Beck, RHP

The Tigers haven't got a lot of game changers. They're sitting dead last in BA's organizational talent rankings. I want to make a huge splash here. Shoot for the moon. We're going with California HS pitcher Tristan Beck, who just struck out 14 in the CIF playoffs... he's a two-sport athlete,  6'5" tall with projectability, is already touching 95 mph, nice breaking ball. Imagine how hard he'll throw a baseball when he stops throwing footballs. Impact talent. -Anthony

1-23 St. Louis Cardinals: D.J. Stewart, OF

Cardinals select DJ Stewart. The Cards are often concerned with skills of a player and Stewart brings that. He has more walks than strikeouts and has plus raw power. He has his issues with his swing that limits his upside but they could be correctable and make him even better. Despite being limited to LF, he's a first round talent as he's one of the best bats in the draft. -Brooks

1-24 Los Angeles Dodgers: Mike Matuella, RHP

Dodgers have a few picks in this range and have been spending like crazy on the international front, so they can take on a risky guy here. -Curtis

1-25 Baltimore Orioles: Ian Happ, 2B/OF

Orioles select Ian Happ. With one of their prospects deciding to focus on an NBA career, the Orioles don't want to take many risks. Take away HS guys, the top available player is Ian Happ. A month or so ago, it'd be crazy to think that he'd be available at this point. -Brooks

1-26 Los Angeles Angels: Thomas Eshelman, RHP

Angels select Thomas Eshelman RHP cal state-Fullerton. Eshelman is perhaps the best control and command pitcher to come out of the draft in years which is huge because his stuff is average at best. -Brooks

1-27 Colorado Rockies: Kolby Allard, LHP

Rockies select Kolby Allard. Despite a back injury, he has some of the best upside from the left side in the prep pitching class. He has velocity and a very impressive curve. -Brooks

1-28 Atlanta Braves: Cornelius Randolph, SS

The scouting heavy Braves are going to go with a toolsy high school short stop that has a chance to stick. -Brooks

1-29 Toronto Blue Jays: Josh Naylor, 1B

Canadian, big bat for that big ballpark, not that much of a reach in the comp round. -Ryan

1-30 New York Yankees: Trenton Clark, OF

His commitment to Texas tech can be bought and with his abundance of tools will entice the Yankees. -Brooks

1-31 San Francisco Giants: Chris Betts, C

Giants select Chris Betts, catcher from California HS.

Betts is BPA here, and even though the Giants have an established franchise catcher in Posey, Betts gives them a toolsy guy with a bat who could reinforce Buster if he can stay behind the plate. -Curtis

1-32 Pittsburgh Pirates: Nick Plummer, OF

Pirates select Nick Plummer. They go back into the prep ranks and get a gritty high school outfielder. He'll fit well in their developmental training style as they like the all-out players.  -Brooks

1-33 Kansas City Royals: Richie Martin, SS

Royals select Florida shortstop Richie Martin. HIs glove can stick at short and he showed a nice hit tool at the at the cape cod league. -Ryan

1-34 Detroit Tigers: Scott Kingery, 2B

Tigers select Arizona second baseman Scott Kingery. Ian Kinsler isn't getting any younger. -Ryan

1-35 Los Angeles Dodgers: Ke'Bryan Hayes, 3B

Dodgers select Ke'Bryan Hayes, 3B, Tomball Christian HS

There are some rumors out there that LA has a pre-draft deal with Hayes, which fits their strategy to save some money on their riskier Matuella pick. Hayes has a solid glove at 3B and can stay there, and his bat has some promise as well. He's the son of former MLB player Charlie Hayes, who played for the Yankees and Astros among others. -Curtis

1-36 Baltimore Orioles: Jacob Nix, RHP

Orioles go with HS power arm Jacob Nix. -Blake

1-37 Houston Astros: Juan Hillman, LHP

At 1.37 the Astros select Olympia HS’s Juan Hillman, LHP. Hillman is a lithe, athletic hurler with advanced feel for pitching- which isn’t surprising considering he's been mentored by Tom Gordon since a young age. He can already run his fastball up to the low 90s, and he shows potential for more down the line. His breaking ball and changeup show promise as well, and he has a nice blend of polish and upside for a prep arm. He’d be an excellent value here at the 37th selection. -Spenser

How did the Astros do? Who had the best draft? Who's is the worst? Where do the Astros go from here?