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Pounding the Table: Daz Cameron

The five-tool outfielder has his share of fans as well as detractors. Let's hear from both sides of the argument.

Daz Cameron, the son of former outfielder Mike Cameron, is supposedly in the mix to be drafted by the Astros this year. Two of our writers have something to say on the subject:


Alex Goodwin: Daz Cameron has been predicted as a top-five pick since his freshman year, and he's mostly lived up to the billing. He has the best combination of five tools in the draft and is just an outstanding athlete. He has a lean frame that looks primed to get big once he signs with a team and gets in the weight room. He is also a great defensive CF and can steal bases with ease (6.61 60-time).

Daz's swing does need a bit of mechanical work, but he generates outstanding bat speed & gap-to-gap power with HR power to the pull side. Scouts always come away impressed at his ability to scatter line drives to all fields. His instincts are above-average (no mishaps like Villar) and Cameron’s makeup and maturity   earn consistent praise. What's not to like?


Blake Mueller: Although Cameron has all those tools, when I watch him I see one good to elite tool in his speed (you could argue that his hit tool might be close to that as well).  His body already looked filled out to me.  His swing screams low power or at least some power.  His arm is good, not great, but plenty to stay in CF.  Basically he reminds me of every other "5 Tool Guy", whereas he really might just have some tools.

Know all that being said I think he is going to be a player in the majors barring any major injuries.  He just doesn't wow me in any way, especially early in the draft.  I think he is extremely overhyped like most Georgia prospects and gets attention more than he should because of his dad.  Basically, I see more of a good CF who hits .275 with 10-15 HR with 30 SB a year as his ceiling.  That's good, but I would rather go non-prima-donna potential and take a guy with a true elite skill or a couple close ones instead of a bunch of really decent skills.

For obviously have superior coaching and opportunities he really hasn't exploded the last couple years that you would think he should.  That's what worries me most is that he seemed capped, I expected a power jump or just some more progression along the lines of what you would expect a top prospect to do.


Alex Goodwin: His speed is definitely a plus tool, and his hit tool should become one sooner rather than later. Personally, I'd heard that his arm was quite good enough to stick in center and, while it may never be plus, is easily above-average. Power is always the last tool to develop, and if Daz grows into his frame a bit more (he only weighs 185 and should add at least 10 pounds of muscle) his power will make a corresponding jump. He is possibly the best five-tool player since Byron Buxton (another Georgian), and while he will probably never reach Buxton's level, it's not like Georgia five-tool outfielders are necessarily overrated.

His ceiling is a player who always is making an impact (even if he's struggling at the plate). He has shown patience in the past and he walked more often than he struck out at U-18 USA. That may not carry over, but a guy who can slash .290/.380/.440 and play a very good CF is worth the #5 pick. Oh, and he's supposedly willing to go under slot? Sign me up!

What do you think? Is Daz worthy of the pick or not?