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Pounding the Table: Carson Fulmer, RHP, Vanderbilt

You want a pitcher that shoves? You want a pitcher who owns the mound? You want a pitcher that has filthy stuff?

The top of the 2015 draft is a bigger headache than watching five minutes of anything that includes the Kardashians. What elite talent that was perceived to be available early is now toiling away in the middle of the first or worst due to poor performance or significant injuries. The only thing worse than having a consensus number one is not having a consensus anything which is what this draft has.

The likelihood stands that there is elite talent in this draft, it's just a matter of figuring out which one it is.

When it comes to pitchers, that's Carson Fulmer. He owns one of the most electric fastballs in the draft and has proven time and time again that he can carry it over into pitch counts north of the 100 pitch mark. The fastball can run up to 97 but is more consistently in the lower 90's and has great movement. It's a true plus fastball. To go along with it, he has a nasty curve that produces a lot of whiffs. The changeup is developing as it is with most hard throwers. It projects to be at least an average pitch.

There's concern that his height (5'11") and effort in his delivery will push him back to the bullpen. You would think that with as many short pitchers have made successful careers as starters, it wouldn't be that big of concern. The delivery concerns are over-exagerrated. Since when is trying hard a problem? Effort is often confused with intent and is not a real problem. He throws hard but his effort is efficient. He's not putting effort into an arm path that has wasted movement. Its all funneled directly into producing an effective pitch.

The best part about Fulmer is his mindset on the mound. He's competitive. He's a bulldog. He has a plan and attacks each hitter. In this sense he's the exact opposite of Mark Appel. He's not up there tossing fastballs and hoping for weak contact. Fulmer is up there tossing fastballs with a purpose. He's a lot like Sonny Gray in several ways.

Guys with his mindset and work ethic have good chances of exceeding their abilities. The great news is that he has great abilities. That's why he's the perfect fit for the Astros first pick pick at 1-2 and even more so if he's still available at the 1-5 pick.