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Pitcher of the Week: May 28-June 4, 2015

The bearded one takes top honors this week.

Death, taxes, and the Beard.
Death, taxes, and the Beard.
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

This week, two starters definitely stood out, and a reliever pitched pretty well too. The rest of the starting pitching? It was just too inconsistent to be mentioned.

Honorable Mention

Luke Gregerson

Houston's nominal closer had an excellent 3 innings pitched this week. He had two save opportunities and struck out five of the seven batters he faced during those two innings (one hit and one groundout were allowed). He also struck out two in his non-save game to bring his tally for the week to seven Ks, one walk, one hit, and two groundouts. After some inconsistencies following his return from the bereavement list, Gregerson has been lights-out of late and will hopefully continue to be for the rest of the season.

Lance McCullers, Jr.

McCullers has only pitched in 4 games in his whole major-league career, yet he's already won POTW one time and is now an honorable mention. (And he still pitched better this week than the last!) McCullers pitched a one-run complete game against the O's and K'd 9 with no walks (only 107 pitches!) and also allowed only one earned run in 4.1 innings against the White Sox and still managed to strike out seven. He may not have much outside of his fastball and curveball, but man, does he have something with his fastball and curveball.


Dallas Keuchel

A complete-game shutout will almost always get you POTW, and this week was no exception (it was close). Our only win against the White Sox had Keuchel scattering four hits and striking out 11. Yesterday's start wasn't as incredible, but Keuchel still #whiffed 7, allowed 2 runs, and walked 1 in a six-inning no-decision. Oh, and he also won his second straight AL Pitcher of the Month award. Right now, the question isn't whether Keuchel will start the All-Star game. It's whether Hinch will keep him in so he can get a complete-game shutout and show McClendon what an average pitcher with average stuff can do (Credit to @keuchelego). bWAR had him at 3.5 WAR before his start yesterday. The best pitcher in baseball right now plays for your favorite team. Enjoy it.