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Astros Pitcher of the Week: June 16-22, 2015

This was not a good week for Astros pitching. Not one bit.

No runs this week, boys.
No runs this week, boys.
Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Let it suffice to say that this was not a good week for Astros pitching. I'd blame it on Coors, but then we also played at Safeco. With the turnaround of the schedule for this, there was not much from which to choose.

Honorable Mention

Lance McCullers, Jr.

McCullers allowed three runs and walked three in just 4.1 innings, but it was the best week a starting pitcher had, so he receives an honorable mention. His BABIP is slowly normalizing (.267), and while his HR/9 is still pretty small (0.22) his FIP is lower than his ERA, and his xFIP isn't that much higher than his ERA. Plus, his K/BB is 3.54, which is just awesome. Please have better weeks, Lance.

Will Harris

Harris wasn't perfect this week, as he allowed four baserunners, but he still struck out 3 and didn't allow a run in 4 innings pitched this week, which is more than anyone else on the team can say. Harris's ERA is probably unsustainable at 0.80, and he hasn't allowed a single non-inherited baserunner to score, but as long as he keeps striking people out and limiting baserunners (his K/BB is 4.11 and he's allowed ten hits) then he shouldn't regress that much.


George Springer

You didn't expect that, did you? But with no pitcher pitching well enough to really win this award, I'll give this award to (and I quote Jose Altuve) "the best hitter in the big leagues right now" because he's pulled our pitching out of every rut and somehow led us to a 4-3 record during that time. (If you don't like this choice, give it to Will Harris.)