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Pitcher of the Week: June 12-18, 2015

A no-hitter didn't win its owner the top spot this week? That's because we've got an old pitcher (who's really only 25) back in town.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Honorable Mention

Roberto Hernandez

Hernandez only pitched in one game in his new long-relief role, but he performed admirably, shutting down the Mariners for four innings, allowing only four hits, walking none, and striking out five batters. Fauxsto had been quickly becoming a worse and worse starting pitcher, but this move to the bullpen just might be right for him, as he tied for the second-most Ks he's had in a game this year in his shortest outing (and he also walked none for only the second time).

Lance McCullers, Jr.

McCullers didn't allow a hit this week at all. He did, however, throw 90 pitches in 5 innings just one start removed from throwing 96 in 7 and two starts removed from throwing 107 in 9. This was, and will continue to be, a problem for McCullers, but his ERA of 2.00 (and FIP of 2.32), BB/9 of 2.5 (lowest at any stop for him thus far in his career) and K/9 of 10.0 have truly made him into the #2 starter after Keuchel. In my opinion, he has to be the frontrunner for AL Rookie of the Year, which I doubt anyone, anywhere expected before this season started. What a year so far for him.


Brett Oberholtzer

Obiehockey finally had a really good week, which hopefully means his injury problems are a thing of the past. He shut out the Mariners over 8 innings, allowing only 3 hits and 2 walks while striking out five. Next, he pitched 6.1 innings in Coors and allowed three runs (but no homers!) while walking none and handing out five #whiffs. This stretch of games, in my opinion, placed him over McCullers for the top spot this week. Somewhat surprisingly, Obie only has an ERA of 2.73, although when 8 innings of shutout ball can deflate your ERA by 1.50, it's in a small sample-size.

FIP finally loves him due to his uptick in GB% (from 37.2% to 50.0%) and descent in FB% (from 42.5% to 33.3%), and it's only 0.03 off his actual ERA. xFIP still hates him (~4.25 for his 3rd straight year), and when you don't allow any home runs, it's pretty easy to understand their gripes. Still, Obie has improved this season (give Chris lots of props), and figures to be a mainstay in the rotation.