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Astros, Cardinals, MLB comment on F.B.I. investigation

The parties involved talk about the on-going investigation around the Astros internal system being hacked.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

What a crazy turn of events. Last season we found out the Astros internal system "Ground Control" had been compromised. Now the New York Times is reporting that a person or persons form the Cardinals were the source of the "hack". Of course as the news went around, the teams made their statements about thew news:

Major League Baseball stepped up first:

"Major League Baseball has been aware of and has fully cooperated with the federal investigation into the illegal breach of the Astros' baseball operations database," the MLB statement said. "Once the investigative process has been completed by federal law enforcement officials, we will evaluate the next steps and will make decisions promptly."

Put next were the Cardinals, who said nothing:

"The St. Louis Cardinals are aware of the investigation into the security breach of the Houston Astros' database. The team has fully cooperated with the investigation and will continue to do so. Given that this is an ongoing federal investigation, it is not appropriate for us to comment further."

The Astros in turn said the same:

"The Houston Astros are actively cooperating with an ongoing federal investigation. We cannot comment on this matter."

Then is the case with having job in sports, the managers of the respective teams were asked about the investigation.

"Whatever team I've been on has always focused on themselves and what we're trying to do," Astros manager A.J. Hinch told reporters on Tuesday. "Obviously, from the baseball perspective, we'll deal with the baseball, and all other questions will go elsewhere."

"Where we are right now is we don't know any more than anybody else," said Cardinals manager Mike Matheny, speaking on behalf of his coaching staff and players. "Right now, we just go about our business and realize this is something that is being dealt with."

Finally MLB commissioner Rob Manfred added his voice to the situation:

"We knew about it, well in advance of the report," said Commissioner Rob Manfred, speaking Tuesday at Fenway Park as part of his tour of Major League ballparks. "There is an ongoing investigation with respect to an unauthorized entry into Houston's system. To assume that that investigation is going to produce a particular result with respect to the Cardinals -- let alone to jump to the use of the word like cyber-attack -- I just think that we don't know that those are the facts yet.

"There is an ongoing investigation; we've been fully cooperative. Obviously, any allegation like this, no matter how serious it turns out to be, is of great concern to us. But it's just too early to speculate on what the facts are going to turn out to be and what action, if any, is necessary."