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FBI Investigating possible hack into Astros' organization, New York Times Reports

The New York Times blockbuster report that St Louis Cardinals officials hacked the Astros.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

According to a new blockbuster report by the New York Times, the FBI is well into an investigation of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball organization for allegedly hacking into the Houston Astros 'Ground Control' network, the treasure trove of the organization's 'collected baseball knowledge'.

The hack, reported to have been not very sophisticated, was apparently motivated by the suspicion on the part of Cardinals officials that Astros GM Jeff Luhnow had improperly taken proprietary knowledge from the Cardinals upon his departure.

The key paragraph from the article states:

Investigators believe Cardinals officials, concerned that Mr. Luhnow had taken their idea and proprietary baseball information to the Astros, examined a master list of passwords used by Mr. Luhnow and the other officials who had joined the Astros when they worked for the Cardinals.

It was this master list of passwords that helped the Cardinals enter Ground Control:

The Cardinals officials are believed to have used those passwords to gain access to the Astros’ network, law enforcement officials said.

The article goes on to imply that this hack was the cause of last year's data breach:

Last year, some of the information was posted anonymously online, according to an article on Deadspin. Among the details that were exposed were trade discussions that the Astros had with other teams. Mr. Luhnow was asked at the time whether the breach would affect how he dealt with other teams. "Today I used a pencil and paper in all my conversations," he said.

It's pretty clear from the article that this is unprecedented.

So weigh in, TCB readers: What should and will happen next?