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2015 Astros Draft: Houston selects Conor Biggio, Kody Clemens in back-to-back rounds

"Bloodlines" are always a desirable factor in the Major League Baseball draft. But sometimes it has more to with than simply being the kid of a former player.

Good ole' Craig is sure to be smiling today
Good ole' Craig is sure to be smiling today
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes it's a favor to the former player. Sometimes it's a nod to the fans. Whatever combination of factors led to the selection of two members of the Astros extended family, it's nothing but a good thing.

With their selections in the 34th and 35th rounds of the 2015 draft, the Houston Astros opted to go very close to home, nabbing Hall of Famer Craig Biggio's son Conor, and seven-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens' son Kody, respectively.

Clemens, a 19-year-old prep shortstop, appears to be a tough (as in, impossible) sign, as he committed to the University of Texas back in 2013, and released this statement upon being popped:

...Then a very hard summer workout program to get prepared to help the Horns back to Omaha!

Biggio, on the other hand, should sign; the left-handed hitting outfielder from Notre Dame is a senior, and has no reason to not sign, nor leverage to demand a big bonus. While not considered a highly-valuable prospect (he batted just .223 with no homers in his four years with the Fighting Irish), the story is nice, and it remains to be seen if his bloodlines can help him achieve some level of Big League success in the future.