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Astros 0, Angels 2: Astros can't even get to second base in shutout

Roberto Hernandez keeps the Astros in the game, but receives absolutely no run support.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Astros had such a great opportunity to make their record a nice, round 20-10.  All they needed to do was beat a struggling Jered Weaver.  Unfortunately, they could not make it happen, and they made Jered Weaver look like he was in his prime, as opposed to a pitcher looking for his first win of the season.  When he was warming up, I noticed his 0-4 record with a 6.29 ERA coming into tonight's game, and immediately I thought "Uh oh, we are going to make him look like Cy Young again."  Unfortunately, my negativity ended up being warranted, as he pitched a tremendous game against us, sprinkling in 6 singles across his complete game shut out.

Three of those hits belonged to Jose Altuve.  He laid down a perfect bunt to lead off the game.  Unfortunately, he was thrown out trying to steal second.  Clearly, my negativity continued.  And I am sure this is a law of nature or something, but Valbuena followed that up with a hit.  That always happens!  After Altuve singled his next time up, he was caught stealing again (although it was more like a pick-off.  Since he took a few steps towards second before diving back to first, it counts as a caught stealing).  And guess what?  Valbuena followed that up with a hit again!  To reiterate, that always happens!

On the pitching side of things, Roberto Hernandez pitched admirably, going 7.2 innings of 2-run ball.  It was not always pretty, but he certainly did his job and he kept the Astros in the ballgame.  He also went deep into the game, which helps the bullpen.  That may pay off and have a positive effect for the rest of the series.  Subtle things like that certainly can pay off.  Maybe since I started off the game negative, I am trying to be positive now?

Lastly, I simply want to wish Luke Gregerson and his family all the best.  Hopefully no other player has to use the family medical emergency list.  We may have lost the baseball game tonight, but this really helps put things in perspective a little.  I am hoping for the best.