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Gregerson on Family Medical Leave; Wojo in relief

Luke Gregerson is on family medical leave. Asher Wojciechowski has been recalled to the bullpen.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Sometime today Luke Gregerson was put on family medical leave by the Houston Astros. At this point the reasoning has not been disclosed. The TCB team is hopeful that all will resolve and he'll be back quickly. Per the rules of family medical leave, Gregerson will miss at least three games and no more than seven. He could return to face the Giants next Tuesday.

While Gregerson is out, Chad Qualls will be the interim closer provided the matchup is appropriate, according to statements from skipper AJ Hinch given to MLB's Brian McTaggart.

"I've turned to him before when Luke's been unavailable," Hinch said. "Tony Sipp can do it, Pat Neshek, if the right pocket [in the order] is there. I have confidence in him. We'll probably match up for the most part for the next couple of games."

To fill the void in the pitching staff Asher Wojciechowski has been recalled from AAA Fresno and will support the team in middle and long relief. This will be Wojo's fourth time up with the big club this season after having pitched in four games to date, each time throwing 4 innings, one of which was in relief.