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George Springer to the disabled list; Preston Tucker to be called up

George Springer to the disabled list. Outfield prospect Preston Tucker called up.

Preston Tucker heading to the field
Preston Tucker heading to the field
Timothy De Block

See you in Anaheim Preston Tucker.

Well, it is not exactly official, yet, but if Drellich is tweeting about it is as close to a sure thing as one can get without an official press release. It's official, see below.

Tucker, a 7th round draft selection 2012,  has been a force in Fresno posting a .439 wOBA and a 169 wRC+ with 10 home runs in 111 plate appearances. Tucker has primarily played left field in Fresno, so expect him to get the starting nod in left field, with Colby Rasmus shifting to right field.

While it is exciting to see Tucker called up, it comes at the expense of George Springer's health after he ran into a wall with the Astros losing 7-1 to the Rangers. Concussions are to be taken very seriously and at this point with limited information we can only hope for the best for Springer.