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2015 MLB Draft Profile: Jon Harris, RHP, Missouri State

A lanky 6'4" righthander with an emphasis on his fastball, Harris is a high-ceiling arm with three pitches that flash plus.


6'4" and 190 pounds, Harris is a college arm who offers some projectability despite his age. Currently working 92-94 with his fastball, which has great arm side run and some heavy life, it's not unreasonable to expect Harris to add some further velocity if he fills out his frame. Harris has an athletic delivery which employs leverage, some scapular load and leg drive, along with his substantial arm speed, to generate velocity. He releases the ball closer to home plate than most, adding to his deception.

Harris has a legitimate three pitch mix, centered around his plus fastball. He has a curveball with late bite that, at its best, looks like a plus pitch. He often freezes batters with the breaking ball and is able to drop it into the zone for strikes. His changeup, which has movement that is similar to his fastball's but more exaggerated, is used less than the heater and curve but shows the potential of a future plus pitch if the team that drafts him makes it a point of emphasis.

Harris's delivery, velocity and secondary stuff make him incredibly intimidating on the mound. He hides the ball and gets his arm to the release point in a hurry- also maintaining arm speed on his offspeed stuff. Hitters are playing a guessing game facing Harris, as he limits hitters' reaction window and changes speeds very effectively. His profile reminds me of Jeff Hoffman coming out of Eastern Carolina, though his stuff is not quite to that standard. Harris has very high upside as a starting pitcher and should be a coveted commodity come draft day.

MLB Projection

If Harris can push his fastball an extra tick or two and get more consistent shape on his offspeed stuff, there's a real possibility he can be a top of the rotation type in the future. Even with his current profile, he can reasonably be projected as a #3.

Projected Draft Round

Harris is expected to be a first round pick and could be selected in the top half of the round.

Will he sign?

As a junior with some projection left, it wouldn't be crazy for Harris to consider returning to school. That said, it is very rare for college players to turn down first round money.


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