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2015 MLB Draft Profile: Josh Staumont, RHP, Azusa Pacific

Sporting a fastball that can touch triple digits and an easy delivery, Staumont is an intriguing- albeit imperfect- prospect who could be a diamond in the rough.


Josh Staumont is a well built 6'2" with simple mechanics and a fastball that touches 100 MPH. Josh Staumont is a projected second-to-third round pick. Those two statements seem to clash, but Staumont is a good example of why stuff isn't all that matters when evaluating pitching prospects. In the case of Staumont, his present command is not capable of carrying his plus stuff, which has limited his success as a college pitcher. However, some major league teams will see a live, talented arm that they can sculpt into a star hurler.

Mechanically, Staumont is in pretty good shape. He employs a very upright delivery with minimal lower body involvement. He generates the majority of his velocity with plus arm speed- his mechanics are somewhat similar to those of Jon Gray when he was at Oklahoma. Staumont's arm action leaves a little bit to be desired, but it is not a huge red flag. He could get his arm set earlier, but timing in the cocking phase of his delivery doesn't seem to be the source of his problems.

Staumont sits 94-97 with his fastball, touching as high as 100 MPH- keep in mind he is a starting pitcher, his velocity could be considered plus-plus. He also shows a good curveball with some swing and miss potential- a sharp 11-5 breaker that gives him a legitimate second offering but lacks depth sometimes. He also shows a split change on occasion, but in game action he rarely strays from his fastball/curveball combination.

Staumont's biggest issue is his command, which is very suspect at this point. He has a tendency to overthrow, losing pitches down and to the glove side, and has trouble commanding pitches to the lower arm side. He lives up and in and down and away to RHBs, but often catches too much of the plate. DII competition hasn't capitalized much on these flaws since most hitters at his level can't catch up to his velocity, but his extremely high walk rate (48 BB in 63.1 IP) backs up the command concerns that his game film raises; just as his 100 strikeouts in the same number of frames indicate just how good his stuff really is.

A tough evaluation, Staumont has a very wide range of potential outcomes as a prospect. The development of his command could determine whether he starts or relieves, or even whether he is a setup man or closer. Due to his high talent level and relatively clean mechanics, a team is likely to fall in love with Staumont and make him a top 100 pick to bring along slowly.

MLB Projection

I see Staumont as a reliever in the long term, but one with closer potential.

Projected Draft Round

I expect Staumont to be drafted in the third round, but could go as high as the supplemental round if a team falls in love with talent.

Will he sign?

As a small school prospect, Staumont could have a hard time improving his stock much further than he already has as a senior and should be expected to sign.