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Jake Marisnick climbs Tal's Hill to make ridiculous catch

The best part is Collin McHugh's face after he realizes the ball was caught.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Tal's Hill covers about the last 25 feet of the cavernous center field in Minute Maid Park. The hill has a 30 degree incline and has flag pole in play. Any player that treks up the hill is likely at full speed, looking back at a baseball, and falling over. Saturday, Jake Marisnick reminded us one again that Tal's Hill adds that extra level of difficulty that makes defensive plays made on it special.

The Mariners' Logan Morrison assumed he had gotten all of a Collin McHugh's fastball in the sixth inning. The ball headed for dead center and probably went about 432 feet through the air. If Morrison had hit at probably any other angle it's a home run. Jake Marisnick had the ball all the way and went up the hill without hesitation. The Astros center fielder leaped and caught the ball, leaving a few divots scattered around Tal's Hill.

"Marisnick traveled 105 feet and had a route efficiency of 98.4, with a top speed of 19.5 mph, according to Statcast."

It's easily one of the greatest catch in Minute Maid Park history, right up there with Lance Berkman's catch on Tal's Hill.