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2015 MLB Draft Profile: Josh Naylor, 1B, St. Joan of Arc HS (ON)

Thickly built with prodigious power, Naylor has one of the best left handed bats in this year's prep class.


The last of the Canadian "big three" to be profiled, Naylor projects to be the highest pick among prospects north of the border in 2015. Standing 6'1", 225 lbs., Naylor has a prototypical power hitter's build and approach. Though he has some bad weight on his frame, Naylor has some explosive athleticism that shows in his swing and arm. Though he currently lacks the foot speed for the outfield, Naylor definitely has the arm for right if a team wants to see him trim down some and focus on the position. That might not be necessary, though, as he has the bat to play at either spot.

As a hitter, Naylor shows some of the best power in the class. He made a name for himself by hitting tape measure shots on the showcase circuit, and the pop shows up in games, as well. He coils his shoulders and hips and explodes through the ball, showing above average bat speed as well. Naylor does a good job of following through the ball and finishing his swing. He could show better balance, but he has good hands, a quick trigger and simple timing mechanisms. He's a bit rough around the edges as a hitter and he hits primarily to the pull side, but he has been a force for the Canadian Junior National team for multiple years.

Though he needs to show more patience at the plate, Naylor is young for the class and shows power that can be topped by very few in the class, if any. With further polish, he could develop into a cleanup hitter or #5 hitter and Canada's best first baseman since Joey Votto. His stock is climbing as the draft nears, and with power coming at a premium in today's MLB, it's easy to see why.

MLB Projection

Naylor won't win batting titles, but has the power to hit in the heart of an MLB order and produce plus power.

Projected Draft Round

Late first round to early second round

College Commitment

Texas Tech

Will he sign?

As a possible first round selection, it would be surprising to see Naylor pass on pro ball this year.


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