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Astros turn 5-4-3 triple play against the Tigers

Just like they drew it up...

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Things weren't looking good for Lance McCullers and the Astros in the bottom of the fifth inning. James McCann lead off the inning with a double, and Jose Iglesias followed with a single to put runners on the corners. Anthony Gose reached on a throwing error and McCann scored on the play.

Then Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler came to the plate with no out and runners on first and second. Third baseman Jonathan Villar lined up even with the third base bag.

With a 2-1 count, Kinsler pounded curveball right at Villar. The ball naturally took Villar to the bag, recording the first out with a quick step. He fired to Jose Altuve for the second out, and Altuve whipped it onto Chris Carter for the third out.

From big inning for the Tigers, to the first triple for the Astros since 2004. One of the cleanest triple plays you'll ever see.