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Monday's Three Things

Talking about you the readers and TCB, another depature, and help wanted

Three things has not been sent to pasture just yet. Especially when I can throw in an unnecessary link to the Rockets' win last night.

1) Hey you, what do you want?

As a first part to today's three things, I would like to ask you, the readers, a simple question. Is there anything TCB is missing in coverage of the Astros? Yes, my first response would be David, and Tim, too. But, in all seriousness,what are you looking for from TCB?

I have some ideas to build on the juggernaut David built but I want to hear from you guys and gals as well.

2) The goodbyes continue

Long time editor, podcast host and producer Tim De Block announced on last night's podcast that he too would be stepping away from TCB. He is joining former editor David Coleman, who announced his retirement on Friday.

Tim's leadership, intelligence, and humor will be deeply missed at TCB. For me personally, Tim was the one person that helped me through my first year at TCB. He was always there to answer a question or give some much needed input. Thanks Tim, you made TCB what it is today.

3) Help wanted

(Unrelated to Tim's Departure)

Are you looking for a creative outlet? Are you so excited about the Astros future, you have to give your opinion? Do you want to be part of the behind-the-scenes here at TCB?

Well, we're looking for more writers around here. Specifically, we're looking for writers for recaps and weekly posts. The task in mind is to write a recap of the day's Astros game or to give out the best pitcher/hitter of the week award.

If you're interested, feel free to email me at dunsmore.sbn(at) and I can give you more details.

Sorry for the shortness of today's three things, but it's a bit of housekeeping.