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The Crawfish Boxes going forward

No strings on me

Howdy, my name is Ryan Dunsmore. You may also know me as D_More55. I came to TCB originally to create graphics, I quickly found a home as the news-desk editor. You've probably read a preview or two of mine. Now I'm fortunate enough to take the next step. I have accepted the position of Editor at The Crawfish Boxes.

I come in following the most productive editor in TCB, David Coleman. David built TCB into the best Astros blog on the web. My plan is to keep it that way. We have a great group of writers and community that I want cultivate.

This frankly may be one of the best times to be an Astros fan, the #process is bearing fruit. We at TCB plan to continue to bringing you the reader the best coverage we can.

(And yes I am Ultron. SBNation won't regret this decision for a second.)