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Weekly MiLB Discussion: Turn it Around

There's a few players on the farm struggling that show signs of turning it around.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports


There's a few players who started the season off quite slow. Guys like A.J. Reed is already starting to turn in around. So, let's discuss which slumping players are mostly likely to turn in around.


I guess it would be lame to bring up James Hoyt again, since I used him on the "next call-up" thing, but I'm definitely expecting a big turn around from him.

I'll go with Troy Scribner though, one of our favorite little sleeper guys. He has a 6.17 ERA right now despite a goofy 11.96 K/9. How is that possible? Well, there's the California League factor, not to mention a .328 BAbip, but the number one cause looks like his strand rate, which is currently at 34.8%. For reference, for those who don't know, roughly 70% is normal. I can't recall ever seeing a strand rate that low, especially for a guy that strikes so many people out. His FIP is 3.15, a full three runs lower than his ERA. There's almost no way he won't break out of this slump.


Good choice. The casual observer might look at ERA and think he’s not having success- you point out correctly that he is.


Gonzalo Sanudo will almost definitely turn around. His ERA is 7.11, but his LOB% is 54.1%, his BABIP is .333, his HR/9 is 2.15, he has a 7.82 K/9 and a 1.42 BB/9...the only way those stats could scream regression more would be if they came with a bullhorn. He's my pick.