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2015 MLB Draft Profile: Justin Hooper, LHP, De La Salle HS, CA

Explosive left arm that leaves a lot to dream on.


Height: 6'7"

Weight: 230

Max FB Velocity: 97 reported by PG.


Justin is an intriguing draft prospect.  Most of the video I could find on this kid has been from last fall during some showcases but the latest one showed much more control and movement on his pitches.  This kid is a big kid at 6'7" 230, he is a big dominating presence on the mound and his previous control troubles probably give him an advantage currently.  His arm angle is more 3/4 to sidearm so it plays down his height angle on pitches.

His fastball is electric, hitting reportedly upper 90's, works mid 90's with good tailing movement.  Like I said before his control has improved it seems from the fall and might not be the gamble that he was once thought of.  Curveball could be a decent pitch down the line.  It was lacking bite and depth in the fall but it did show better for me on the latest showcase video so it might be the potential plus pitch down the line.  His change is decent, nothing special right now.  With his arm angle I was hoping he would have used a slider but with his curve being the good pitch it is, he might just try to incorporate a cutter to his arsenal.

MLB Projection

With his funkiness in his delivery and velocity remind me a bunch of Chris Sale.  Sale has a little bit lower arm angle and uses more of a looping change/curveball but you could dream on Hooper becoming a similar type pitcher.

I would say a potential 2 or 3 type pitcher, but he could just as easily not keep improving on his control and be a reliever.

College Commitment


Projected Draft Round

For a while he was slated to be a mid 1st rounder, I saw him before the spring as high as a top ten pick but now I am seeing him falling a bit to late 1st to 2nd.

Will he sign?

All indications point to yes if the money is right, like every HSer.


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