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2015 MLB Draft Profile: Demi Orimoloye, OF, St. Matthew HS (ON)

Commonly praised for being "built like a linebacker," Orimoloye has loud tools and has shown huge improvements since picking up the game of baseball.


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225 lbs.

60 yard dash time: 6.50 seconds (recorded by Perfect Game)

OF throw velocity: 88 MPH (recorded by Perfect Game)


You won't find many prospects with a more interesting backstory than Demi Orimoloye. Born on January 6, 1997 in Nigeria, Orimoloye now resides in Orleans, Ontario. With his package of tools, Orimoloye looks like a strong bet to become the first ever African-born major leaguer. Though he has only been playing baseball for a few years, he has made massive strides with his swing, pitch recognition and plate discipline in that time. Now more than ever, he looks like a baseball player, not a raw athlete, on the diamond- but the "built like a linebacker" comments are not out of turn- his size and speed combination is rare for a baseball player, and had Orimoloye chosen football he'd most likely be fielding D-1 offers rather than outfield flies.

I was initially skeptical of Orimoloye when I first watched him, noting a hitch in his swing and some lacking balance. However, more recent video shows a much smoother, more controlled cut through the zone that makes use of his massive frame to generate plus power. His bat speed stands out as plus, and he has shown the ability to catch up to premium velocity. His approach at the plate is far better than you'd expect for someone who has been playing baseball for just the last few years, and the "rawness" in his profile shows more on defense. His arm strength hasn't gotten to where you'd expect for a player his size, but scouts expect that it will continue to improve, as will his outfield actions.

Orimoloye's combination of bat speed, hitting instincts, plus speed and power make him a prospect scouts will salivate over. While there are plenty of rough edges to smooth out, Orimoloye isn't a baseball version of Lawrence Okoye, and there are some skills to go along with the prodigious tools.

MLB Projection

Players like Orimoloye are incredibly difficult to project. If you want to dream on him, his athletic traits are reminiscent of Yasiel Puig's.

Projected Draft Round

First to second round.

College Commitment


Will he sign?

All indications point to yes.


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