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Astros Podcast: Evan Drellich talks first place baseball

Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle joins the show to give his impressions on the Astros season thus far, George Springer's concussion, Preston Tuckers call up, Carlos Correa's non-call up, and trade rumors.

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Ryan Dunsmore

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TCBP AB 156: Evan Drellich talks first place Astros baseball

In this episode Tim De Block, David Coleman, and Ryan Dunsmore discuss:

Mission Control Concepts

Mike Schuster asked, "Has anyone done a study on the statistical value of pitching around batters?

The Book by Tom Tango, Mitchel Lichtman, and Andrew Dolphin have and yes walking a batter does increase run expectancy. Now, keep in mind pitching around someone like Mike Trout might be a good idea in certain situations.

Mike also asked, "Is there a statistical study on strikeouts vs. runs or strikeouts vs. walks and how that ratio correlates to runs? I did not have an opportunity to dive into that question, but I was handed this link which helps find the answer to that quesiton:

Astros Afterburners

Evan's impressions of the Astros' season to this point.

Should the Astros have put George Springer on the disabled list earlier and had an extra pitcher or position player ready for the series finale against the Texas Rangers? -

Impressions of Preston Tucker -

When to expect Carlos Correa to be called up -

The cost of calling up Correa now vs. waiting a month or more -

Trade rumors involving the Astros and starting pitching -

Listener Questions

Possible pitcher trade targets? - Matt Peterson

Could the Astros go after a Cole Hamels or a solid number four starter? - Joeld Smith

Who are some in-house guys you think could hold down the fort? - DOM-ination


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