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Indians 5, Astros 1: Late Lowrie Heroics Not Enough To Take The Victory

For the second time in 3 seasons, the Astros faced down the barrel of a no-hitter in the first series. For the second time they salvage a bit of dignity.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

It has been about 3 hours since I posted in one of the comment sections here at TCB that I love a day game after a less than fulfilling night game.  The point was that you can stop thinking about the past a bit quicker.  Well, this day game didn't help one bit.  In fact, now we have to wait over 24 hours to get distracted with a new game.  That being said, we should all remain calm.  Two game losing streaks happen, right?

So, what happened today.  Asher Wojciechowski made his debut, but his spring training good fortune did not follow him into the regular season.  Like you might expect from a rookie, he had his good moments, but he also gave up 8 hits, including a leadoff double in each of the first two innings that eventually led to runs.  He showed some poise, working around a triple and a walk in the third inning to escape without giving up a run.  The wheels started to come off in the fifth.  The first three batters got on base, including a leadoff homer to Jason Kipnis.  Samuel Deduno came in with 2 on and no outs and got out of the inning, stranding both runners.  Deduno was one of the bright spots in the game.  He pitched four innings, gave up one run on 2 hits and a walk, and also struck out four.

Now, as far as the offense is concerned, let's just say it isn't good when your entire Twitter feed has some sort of reference to "no hitter".  Now don't get confused and think the team didn't have their chances.  The Indians gave up 7 walks.  Twice, starting pitcher Trevor Bauer walked 2 batters in the same inning, but the Astros were not able to capitalize on the wildness.  Actually the first hard hit ball was in the 8th inning, when Luis Valbuena lined out to right field.  Jed Lowrie pulled a trick out of Marwin Gonzalez bag and broke up the no hitter in the 9th by hitting a home run to left center field.  (He is always breaking those unwritten rules, right Bo?)

In the end, a totally forgettable game, unless you had Lowrie in a "who hits the Astros first homer" pool.  The team packs up this afternoon for the short trip to Arlington to take on the Rangers in their home opening series.  Lets just all pretend Tuesday and Wednesday never happened, and take it to our northern friends this weekend.


The Astros 3-4-5 hitters were 0-32 with 16 strikeouts and 1 walk in the series.  Positive vibes!  It can only go up!

The bullpen has now pitched 9 1/3 innings (by my sometimes shaky math) and has this to show for it:  5 hits, 2 earned runs, 1 home run, 1 walk and 10 Ks.  Let's hope this keeps up.