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Fearless predictions for the Astros in April

What crazy predictions do I have for you now?

Last year, I made a fool of myself each month by wildly predicting things and then getting most of them wrong.

Well, so few people read it and seemed to enjoy it that I'm bringing it back again. Deal with it, suckers!

Here are my picks for April. Judging by last year, less than half of them will be accurate. Feel free to make your own predictions in the comments.

1. The Astros will go 10-12 this month.

2. Dallas Keuchel will win three more games.

3. Jose Altuve will steal eight bases.

4. Evan Gattis will lead the team in home runs.

5. Dan Straily will start at least one game for the Astros.

6. There will be at least two more players hit the disabled list.

7. Brad Peacock will also start a game this month.

8. The new-look bullpen will blow less than two saves.

9. George Springer will have four homers and four steals by the end of April.

10. Luis Valbuena will lead the team in on-base percentage.