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MLB fines Jarred Cosart for placing bets; no evidence he bet on baseball

Former Astros pitcher Jarred Cosart was fined an undisclosed amount for placing bets with a bookie. MLB did not find that Cosart bet on baseball.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Jarred Cosart found himself in some hot water this past week after direct messages between Cosart and a presumed bookie were posted on the internet. The message indicated that Cosart was chomping at the bit to make bets. Cosart responded to his DMs coming to light by saying his twitter was hacked and deleting his account entirely.

Major League Baseball has investigated the incident, finding that Cosart did place bets on sports but did not find that he bet on baseball.

Cosart's statement following the MLB's announcement.

What have we learned today kids? If you put something on the internet, it will probably find the light of day. Because of this bookie, we are now deprived of the majesty that is Jared Cosart's twitter feed. At least,