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2015 MLB Draft Profile: Dazmon Cameron, OF, Eagle's Landing HS (GA)

The son of long time big leaguer and former #1 prospect in baseball Mike Cameron, Daz's hype has died down a bit but he remains an extremely promising player.


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 186 lbs.

60 yard dash time: 6.61 seconds (recorded by Perfect Game)

Max OF throw velocity: 90 MPH (recorded by Perfect Game)


Once upon a time, Mike Cameron was the #1 overall prospect in baseball and considered a true five tool talent. Though Mike never quite capitalized on the lofty expectations, he was still a fantastic major leaguer known for his phenomenal defense, multiple 20/20 campaigns and OBP ability. In short, Daz comes with some of the best bloodlines around- something that MLB teams value. Daz is a very different player than his father- but he has the traits that you come to expect from a player with a big leaguer for a dad.

Coming into the year, Daz, along with Brendan Rodgers, was the subject of a popular debate over who should be selected #1 overall. He's not the athlete his father was, and he's no longer in the discussion at #1 overall, but he is a real possibility in the top 10. Cameron has five tools that are average or better- but most of them are the former, average. He has a sweet swing that I think will make him a fantastic contact hitter. He's a very smooth player and performs well in the field, helping his solid speed and arm play up further. He's the kind of player who can impact a game in a multitude of ways with his broad base of skills, and defense could be a calling card. He may be a long-term center fielder, but left field is also a possibility.

As a hitter, Cameron combines discipline, a smooth swing and good hands to cover the plate and hit liners to all fields. His power is just average, but he has the ability to hit the home run and put balls into the gaps for extra bases. He's an above average, instinctive runner with plate discipline, making him an ideal candidate for a role high in the order. Cameron may not have one tool that really separates him from the pack, but he is a ballplayer and is the kind of guy who will make positive plays every time he steps on the field, even if he has a rough day at the plate.

MLB Projection

I see Cameron as a potential first-division regular.

Projected Draft Round

Cameron will most likely be drafted in the top ten.

College Commitment

Florida State

Will he sign?



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