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2015 MLB Draft Profile: Kolby Allard, LHP, San Clemente HS, CA

A hard-throwing lefty with a small body type profile and an easy delivery, Kolby Allard's velocity and potential plus curveball are likely to make him a mid first to supplemental first round pick in June.


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Class: SR (HS)

Max fastball velocity: 96 MPH, but works in the 92-94 range.


There is not a lot to not like about Kolby, he has performed exceeding well on the national and world stage, he has a dynamite tandem of pitches in his fastball/curveball and he has an easy delivery.  The knocks are his size, injury this spring and how that has affected him and to me a little bit of command issues, namely tending to keep pitches high in the zone when over throwing.

I love this kid, if he is there at the supplemental pick I say we jump all over him.  His mechanics look clean and easy, he has a deceptive/sneaky fast delivery that throws off hitters.  His fastball has late life when not trying to over throw and he uses it effectively up in the zone at times.  His breaking ball is sweet, very sharp break, reminds me a bit of a cross between Oswalt's and Wandy's curve.  He seems to have good control over this pitch and bounce it when needed for a K.  I did not see a change but other scouting reports say he has one but needs work.  With his delivery and velocity adding a change and cutter would be a devastating combo to his arsenal.

MLB Projection

I project Allard as a #3-5 starter in the major leagues, with the upside of a lower-end #2.  A lot depends on how much he grows or if he can develop at least a change.

Projected Draft Round

Allard was slated to be a high pick but like Matuella the injuries are dropping him.  I hope he will last till the supp pick for us but that might be dreaming.  I think it all depends on what he wants dollar wise.  He is someone who could have a lot to gain by going to junior college for a year.

Will he sign?

Like all HS, price has to be right, he is committed to UCLA.


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