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Astros 14, Padres 3: Crooked Numbers 'R Us

The Astros bludgeon the Padres bullpen.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This is going to be short, but sweet. The Astros piled up all of stats. 14 runs, 17 hits, 3 stolen bases, 13 strike outs and 4 walks. However, the craziest statistic... 21 left on base. This could have been even worse.

Roberto Hernandez has pitched very well for a guy that everyone seemed to have pretty low expecatations towards. 6 innings pitched with 6 Ks and only allowing 3 ER. Another quality start for the big guy. Roberto also showed off his base running prowess when he walked and ended up scoring a run.

This is one to rewatch tonight and put yourself in a good mood. Man, this is fun.