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Astros MiLB Live Game Thread

It's a minor league thread on this Astros night off.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

It's an Astros Off Day but the minor leagues play on.

Fresno at Salt Lake

7:35 CST

Alex White vs. Tyler Deloach

Baseball has not been kind for Alex White since the Astros traded for him. The injury. The poor results. The DFA'd. The even more poor results. Maybe this is an opportunity for the game to turn around.

Corpus at Frisco

7:05 CST

Mark Appel vs Jake Thompson

Mark Appel has been very different from his Lancaster persona and he continues to be a much better pitcher this season. It's so nice to watch Appel groundouts to short-stop Carlos Correa.

Lancaster vs. Modesto

8:30 CST

Blaine Sims vs. Harrison Musgrave

Let's not talk about Sims last outing? It was rough. It was sad. It was a long leash and he hung himself. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen again.

Quad Cities at Peoria

7:00 CST

Austin Chrismon vs. Daniel Poncedeleon

What? Poncedeleon! Great historical name. If his name isn't the conquistador then fans have failed. I hope to see Derek Fisher in the lineup.