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MiLB Discussion: Hot Starts

MiLB team discusses which players hot starts to the season are the most exciting.

Tim Deblock


There are several players off to a hot start this year. Carlos Correa is an obvious one. Derek Fisher is another. Which hot start are you most interested or excited about? Is it one that you are surprised about (Telvin Nash is hitting rather well)? Or is the prospect of Carlos Correa crushing at this pace all the way to the majors this year?

Brian Stevenson

Carlos Correa's hot start is awesome and important, but not really unexpected. It's the unexpected guys that get me going, like Brett Phillips last year. For that, I'm going with Jacob Nottingham. I loved the pick when it was made a few years back, but until this point, he hadn't shown much in short-season ball. While it's extremely early, I love the results so far, and in his first crack at full-season ball, too. I hate citing stats after something like eight games, but it's what we have so far. His strike out rate is way down from last year, and his walk rate has remained solid. He's flashed serious power so far, and all of that is with a deflated BAbip (.250, with a career average right around .300). So if he improved even more it wouldn't be a shock. With Heineman rising a little more slowly than expected (he's off to a nice start too though!) and Stassi struggling a lot, Nottingham breaking out could be big for the catching picture of the future. For the umpteenth time, it's very early, but I'm loving it so far.

Blake Mueller

I agree with Brian and I liked the Jacob Nottingham pick and was hoping he would take off like this so far.  I also liked the Holberton and Heineman picks but felt like they will be average players once they reach the pros where as Nottingham has the chance to be special.  Still a big fan of Maverick.

Irish Pete

I'll start with a Hooks player who is off to a hot start. I saw him play personally last year and everything about his game left a good impression on me. Tony Kemp is continuing to destroy the Texas League just like he did last year to the tune of a 135 wRC+ in 275 plate appearances. I am already a believer in his game, but he can make lots of people jump on board if he continues at the rate he's started (.367/.525/.400). He's walked twice as many times as he's struck out. Just to specify, he's walked 10 times in 40 plate appearances.


Digging the Kemp pick! Especially after that play in CF. My neighbor knows him so we talk about what an exciting player he is regularly. He really enjoyed the video of that play.

Kemp is obviously blocked by Jose Altuve so he has to have some versatility in order to be productive with the Astros. That play in CF, albeit the smallest sample size possible, shows that he has some skills in the outfield. To me that is very exciting as it increases his chance of being a major leaguer.

What hot start has you the most surprised or excited?